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Dental care is one of the most critical aspects of every child's development. Additionally, establishing a healthy oral hygiene routine early on is vital to helping children thrive.

At Winelands Dentistry, patient education and health are our top priorities. Our dedicated and friendly staff have extensive experience treating patients of all ages and welcome little ones to the practice. We strive to create a fun and safe environment for all our young patients, from infancy to adulthood.

Children's Dental Treatments

Our comprehensive dental services cater to the needs of children from when they first develop their milk teeth right through to when all their permanent teeth are fully developed. We know how important your child's well-being is to you, so we take extra care when treating little ones.

Dental screenings

We encourage parents to bring their children for their first dental screening when their milk teeth erupt at about 1 year old. This allows your little one to get used to the dental experience, sounds, smells and tools from an early age. We can also assess if the milk teeth are developing well.

From here, it's essential to have regular dental check-ups every 6 months. Children are more prone to dental conditions, so routine examinations are a must to help prevent and treat any issues that arise.

Oral hygiene treatments

Regular hygiene treatments are part of the dental screening process to help keep your child's teeth and gums in top shape. Our expert staff take extra special care to gently clean your child's teeth using specialised tools.

Another aspect of the dental cleaning process is a fluoride varnish. This is a paste of the mineral fluoride applied to the teeth to help keep them strong and free from decay.

Fissure sealants

Milk teeth are much more vulnerable to bacteria and infection, so we often apply fissure sealants to the top surface of the tooth (the chewing area) to prevent food and bacteria from getting stuck in the natural grooves of the tooth.

The fissure sealant is applied as a liquid and cured with a blue light. The process is entirely pain-free and quick, leaving your child ready to carry on with their day while their oral health remains protected.

Dental fillings

In cases where a child's tooth has developed a cavity, we use dental fillings to seal the tooth and restore its strength. The dentist will clean the tooth and remove bacteria before drying the area and applying the filling material.

Fillings are typically made from ceramic or composite resin, which are strong materials that match the natural colour of teeth. After the material is applied, the dentist will shape and cure it.

Pulp therapy

The pulp is the centre of the tooth where the nerves and soft tissue lie, and if this becomes infected, it can impact the overall structure and health of the tooth. Unfortunately, children are prone to tooth decay and other dental conditions.

At Winelands Dentistry, we use modern pulp therapy techniques to help save the milk teeth when they become infected. This involves gently removing the bacteria and thoroughly cleaning the tooth before filling it with a durable sealing material. The tooth is then topped with a filling or crown to protect it from being infected again.

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