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Our natural teeth are one of the strongest parts of our bodies, but sometimes they go through an injury or contract an infection which causes them to weaken. In these cases, we use dental crowns to protect the natural tooth and restore your ability to smile, eat and speak comfortably.

When crowns are used

Dental crowns are a common dental prosthetic used in many cases to help protect the natural tooth.

Some instances where we use crowns include:

  • Covering a natural tooth that has been damaged
  • Covering a tooth that has had root canal treatment
  • Protecting a large filling
  • Connecting a dental bridge

At Winelands Dentistry, we use high-quality ceramic porcelain and composite resin crowns to protect the natural tooth. These durable and long-lasting materials match your tooth's natural colour, adding an aesthetically pleasing appeal to your smile.

Receiving a crown

Dental crowns are fabricated in a dental laboratory which specialises in dental prosthetics. During your consultation, we will first assess the impacted tooth and determine if a crown fits your needs.

If you are a candidate for a crown, the dentist will prepare your tooth and take several impressions to be sent to the dental laboratory. Then, the lab will create your crown from ceramic porcelain or composite resin and send us the final prosthetic. This can take 2-3 weeks and we will provide you with a temporary crown while you wait.

We will fit the crown in your follow-up appointment, where the dentist will make any necessary adjustments to ensure the fit is comfortable. Once we have secured the fit, the crown will be bonded to your natural tooth. Your new crown can last up to a decade and will give you the freedom to use the full functionality of your mouth.

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